Gruyaert Packaging specializes since 1939 in the design, printing and finishing of packaging. The merger with VdeV Packaging in 1993 allowed us to expand our import and whole sale activities. Today we are offering you a total package of “artisanal” packaging. In consultation with the client we create packaging exuding the desired uniqueness and quality.



Working close together with our suppliers we inspect all materials and goods for meeting the standards concerning quality, environmental impact, food safety and EU-regulations. In our aim to constantly moving forward our management team is in close contact with the work floor. Our team guarantees using the correct and traceable production methods. Keeping in mind food safety, quality and legislation, we spend a lot of attention to the analysis of potential risks. Based on this, we impose a clear set of rules. We do checks in every production step, not solely based on various regulations, but mainly based on commitment, because our team makes the difference.

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