We spare you the technical details using impressive technical jargon and listing certificates and regulations. Constantly investing in the state-of-the-art techniques, hygiene, safety and in training our people speaks for itself. It’s how we succeed in delivering packages that meet tomorrow’s expectations. When the food goes in direct contact with the packaging, we select first-generation Scandinavian cardboard and paper. We use ink and varnish, especially for printing primary packaging for food. We choose not to use any UV-polish. In regard to glue, window film, laminates, etc., we exclusively use materials which meet the EC 1935/2004 regulation, which states that there can’t be any risk of hazardous substances migrating from the packaging to the food.


To be sure of it, we carry out migration and sensory tests. Only independent, government-approved agencies may carry out our tests. Clear procedures for the selection of raw materials and all by-products and auxiliary products are a must. Based on internal audits we select and evaluate our suppliers. Raw materials and products are fully traceable. Order control and production control is done proactively and dealing with complaints is a priority for us. In order to control physical, chemical or biological contamination, the packaging production for food is also submitted to the regulations for infrastructure, machines & infrastructure, maintenance, cleaning and waste management. All operators being active in the food chain in Belgium, need to be registered with the Federal Agency of Food Safety. Gruyaert Packaging is registered with the FAFS.

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