Gruyaert stands for a lot more than just “custom-made packaging ». We try to offer durable solutions for all your packaging needs. We closely stay on top of the latest trends and developments at the packaging market. By keeping in touch with our commercial partners we can offer extensive advice and a dynamic service with a partnership attitude. Customer Delight, that’s our motto!


Socially responsible undertaking (sru) is part of the strategic thinking process of Gruyaert Packaging. We don’t see this as a single ‘project’. It’s integrated into our methods and decision-making, as a frame of reference. 

 In every facet of our enterprise we pursue balance between men, environment and economy.  Gruyaert commits to upholding the industrial values for quality, safety, health and environment. We are working continuously on large and small projects for reducing waste (cardboard and others, optimizing of energy consumption and decreasing water consumption.


Training, consulting, coaching, visiting fairs etc., all this keeps us up to date. It’s how we leave little room for error, material damage and accidents. It’s not only the management that is subscribing to our core values. Our policy can only truly be effective when it’s carried out by the whole Gruyaert team. Their input in improving the product quality and decreasing the environmental impact is exponential.

 Our pursued environmental or social policy is also part of our dialogue with suppliers and clients. We constantly look for any improvements in the chain and give priority to products which are being produced with respect for mankind and the environment and which are produced locally.

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